Adam Curtis

Student game and graphic designer. Specialises in concept design with emphasis on storytelling, and 2D animation.

Alex Bird

Student studying Music Production and Engineering MSc (specialising in sound design/Foley) at the ATRiuM Cardiff.

Just recently breaking into the gaming industry alongside music for film, interested particularly in binaural audio (3D Audio).

Had a fair bit of experience working with film and video but not yet in gaming… feel free to get in touch 🙂

Andy Wright

Game and TV industry professional of 20+ year’s industry experience.
Specialisation: Concept and 2d art assets across all platforms.

I have worked on many cult and AAA titles including Bafta Winning F1 2010 for Codemasters, Shadowman, Chili Con Carnage, and stack of others.
I have had print work published in Expose’ books by Ballistic publishing several RPG titles and Imagine FX.

I am currently working at Microcosm in Cardiff bay and freelance.

Arnold Petkowski

Game Design Project Engineer / Product Owner

Game Design
– Writing game overviews.
– Balancing game controller engines.
– Reviewing graphics.
– Reviewing software.

Game Design Arcade Supervisor
– Updating all machines with latest development software.
– Fixing hardware problems.
– Demonstrating development games to customers.

Game Design R&D
– Researching new technologies.
– Building prototypes.
– Resourcing products for evaluation.
– Liaising with manufactures.
– Evaluating prototypes and new technologies.

Project Management
– Understanding a vision for the product.
– Communicate the project vision to the team.
– Managing projects using Diario, Jira, Topica.

Artur Kokotov

I am a Game artist and 3D modeller. Currently studying in South Wales University BA Game Art.

Astrid Ensslin

Professor in Digital Culture & Communication at Bangor University. Specialises in digital fiction, literary gaming, the language of gaming.

Ben Monro

Film and Video Degree Undergraduate at the University of Wales Newport.

Freelance writer/journalist in Videogames and Tabletop games .

Creative narrative design and writing.

Video editor and production.

Seeking an opportunity to write either videogames narrative. Or report on them from a journalistic perspective.

Beth Duford

7 years Games Industry experience in creative roles, involving creation of concept,3D and marketing artwork/videos. Currently working in the mobile games market. I am mostly a PC gamer myself and very much into management and simulation games…with the occasional shooter.

Although no longer living in Wales, some roots are still firmly set in Ceredigion!

Carl Jones

Hi there,

I’m Carl, a real old-school geek who’s been developing software since, well, the time it all began (i.e. in his bedroom on a C64). I’ve worked for some of the largest, most prestigious companies in the world and always on the look out for new challenges. In my spare time (of which there is so very little these days) I write games for mobile devices.

Now the founder and director of Pixel Knights.

Chris Munasinha

Budding game developer masquerading as a full time Web Developer based in Cardiff. Having developed web sites for various companies over the years, is now freelance and spends some time helping out with the web side for Games Wales.

I love all games, retro, casual and modern and can help you build a website for your own game – just get in touch!

Chris Payne

Senior Games Mechanics Programmer at Traveller’s Tales, and co-founder of Games Dev North Wales.

(Sneaked in over the border!)

Dafydd Anthony

Multimedia Composer and Musician,

I have been a musician for the past 17 years, with experience ranging from touring with a successful band, to TV and Radio appearances and writing and producing original music for the media. I am Royal Welsh College of Music Graduate with experience of creating game audio and software such as wwise and fmod who is now looking for new composing projects to add to his CV.

Dan Elvey

Dan Elvey is a Music Composer, Songwriter, Sound Designer, and can provide audio editing services including Mixing and Mastering.

I have a couple years of professional experience working on soundtracks and sound design for short films, animations, and video games.

Please contact me if any of the listed services are of interest to you!

Daniel Hill

D.J. Hill, a skilled music producer/composer specialising in creating an elegant musical sound for your post-production, multimedia, video gaming, television and music projects. You can now hire D.J. Hill for audio post-production services like sound mixing, sound effects and music scoring!

Dann Rees

Game Designer & Developer.
– 12+ years professional programming experience. (Many platforms)
– 3D Artist (BA Hons.). 3dsmax, Zbrush, Photoshop, 3D-Coat etc.
– Unity, UDK

Dave Harper

Recently started coding games in Java 2D then GameMaker Studio over the last month.

Particularly looking to connect with pixel artists and musicians.

Been coding on and off since 1981. Most recent commercial coding was in PHP, jQuery.

Currently streaming my game dev learning experience as CoderClub to and regularly while offering advice and help to other coders.

Dave Morgan

Hi, I am interested in writing for games. I am currently studying an MA in scriptwriting (part time) at the University of South Wales. I study how to structure stories, develop characters and dialogue but understand games would have more emphasis on gamer experience. I play games but have only recently started looking into writing for games having only focussed on film so far.

It would be good meet like minded individuals who are working on projects.

Ellis Shale

I am currently working as an Intern for ChaosTrend Ltd doing sound design, voice recording and learning simple animation and 3D moddeling (in Blender). I’ve got a full portfolio on my website which is on my profile.

Gavin Powell


I am a passionate gamer and developer from Pontypridd in South Wales.
I have a degree in Video Games Development.
I am also qualified in Sound Engineering.
I am very proficient using Unity3D, Orgre3D, DirectX, OpenGL and other gaming platforms and libraries.
I am also proficient in the implementation of writing all C based code.
I am currently working on a little side project called KIdnapped which can be found at: and
I have 2 years industry experience in games development companies.



Geoffrey MĂ©gardon

Researcher in Psychology as a day job and Gamedev in his free time.
Like to develop and play couch coop games.with some friends.

Giles Armstrong

Experienced Narrative Designer, Writer and Game Designer who specialises in devising, developing and delivering world-class narrative videogame experiences for players of all ages and ability levels.

With contributions to 27 commercially-released titles in various roles, including multiple games published by Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Entertainment and Microsoft Studios, I also have significant mobile and F2P experience.

Story is far more than a game’s dialogue and cutscenes – narrative takes place via any information communicated within a defined context; I can help make yours better.

Himanshu Singh

Senior Analyst Programmer with 15 yrs experience. Mostly worked on AS/400 in RPG language with some work in Java. Currently learning to become a Games Developer.

Howell Duggan

Indie Games Developer, semi-frequent Game Jammer.

Passionate about making enjoyable games, and pushing the fun factor, focusing on different takes on interesting designs.
Unity and C# are my tools of trade, working on PC, web, and some Android games.

Huw Marshall

Currently Head of Digital at S4C.

I manage S4C’s digital fund which has and is investing in the games industry in Wales, I also oversee and commission games content for various S4C platforms, predominantly web and mobile targeting 0-6, 7-15 and 16 and above.

I am a member of the National Digital Learning Council, the body that advises Welsh Government on digital within the education space. I am also the founder of “Yr Awr Gymareg”, the Welsh language hour that promotes the use of Welsh language marketing on social media.

I consider myself a retro gamer! I still have my N64 that comes out of the cupboard occasionally, I am determined that one day I will complete Desert Strike….

Hywel Payne

I’m a sound/audio designer with over 8 years professional audio experience encompassing computer game development along with film post-production, radio and music. I’ve worked on projects such as Until Dawn, Guitar Hero Live, Forza: Horizon 2, Wonderbook: Walking with Dinosaurs, Kinect Disneyland Adventures and many more. I’m currently based just over the boarder in Malvern.

Ian Palmer

I am a freelance Sound Editor and Dubbing Mixer. Mostly worked in Television but looking for jobs within the games industry.

Ian Thomas

Coder, writer & narrative designer for console, PC & mobile games. Also writes films, TV, books and writes and directs live events. Freelancing under the banner of Winged Monkeys and co-director of Talespinners.

James Reichelt

Hello! I am James. I am a freelance video editor, sound designer and composer.

I graduated from UWIC (or Cardiff Metropolitan as its now known) with a degree in Fine Art. Despite managing to go through this three year course by barely drawing or painting a thing, I left with a diverse set of digital skills, and fuelled by my own interests in the use and abuse of computers, video game consoles, electronics and pixels.

A major project of mine has been Alone, in which I currently play post-rock/electronic music using a combination of retro consoles, modern technology and a lot of MIDI Cables. This project has taken me from Cardiff to London to Manchester

Jason Allan

Some would call me an Entrepreneur, I prefer to call myself a Business Professional

Running a Business called Distalise, Which specialises in providing Fulfilment services for KickStarter campaigns and the such-like. The fancy name for it is Third Party Logistics (3PL), What it really means is I do all the boring and intricate job of Data Management, Packing and Sending the Rewards.

I have an eye on running events and maybe getting into the Business side of Games Dev.

Jonathan Savery

Co-Founder & Creative Director of Toxic Games.

Toxic Games created the award-winning first person puzzle based thriller game Q.U.B.E.

Mark Davies

CG animator, roughly 2 years experience, currently lead animator at Wales Interactive.
Part-time lecturer at the University of South Wales.

Martin Onions

I am a facilitator for the development staff at Oyster World Games. Responsible for monitoring the logistical concerns of a game’s creation. I work under the supervision of the main producer and manage lead personnel in programming, art, and design.

Matt Duncan

Game Design Consultant and Tutor at “Winding Snake Productions” (a community arts learning company based in Chapter Arts, Cardiff)

Game Designer and Graphics artist at RAREbit Studio, a very small development team split across the country, with currently one release under their belt: Generic Zombie Shooter.

Matt Sanz

I am a Game Artist, with a degree in Games Design. I have slight experience with programming, mostly whiteboxing in GameMaker Pro. My portfolio consists of mainly concept art, in-game assets and textures for 3d models.

I spend most of my time studying, and learning new skills that compliment my attributes.

Ned Birkin

I am a freelance indie game programmer and Unity developer. I’ve been collaborating with an artist friend since 2015 on a variety of games for both PC and mobile. Our current project is a four player retro co-op networked PC game, which is very close to completion. I live on the Llyn Penninsula and am very keen to meet and work with other indie developers in the area.

Patrick Newcombe

Three years industry experience as Content Developer at Jagex. Principal developer for the ‘Dungeons of Daemonheim’ expansion. Review on massively:

Many more years working on hobby projects using Javascript, C#, C++, Unity, e.t.c…

Currently seeking new software dev & design opportunities while working on a touchscreen-compliant adventure game.
If you’re an artist / graphic designer in need of a project and are willing & capable of taking artistic lead, get in touch.

Peanut Turner

I’m a musician/recording engineer by trade but have always held a deep love for video games, ever since getting a SNES for Christmas in 1991: <– That's me. I can't draw or write code but I'm always up for trying new gaming ideas, and if you happen to need dialogue, voice acting/recording, sound design or soundtrack for your project, feel free to get in touch! 🙂

Phil Brookes

I’m a composer, musician and producer for international multi-award-winning films, sports and performance. With a background in scoring for animation, I believe my ever adapting multi instrumental style would go hand in hand with my passion for videogames. A passion that goes back to an obsession with Another World on my older brothers Amiga 500 or the endless ammounts of piggy bank raiding to fund my snes habits.

Polly Aplin

Graphic, web, UI & UX designer. Currently working full-time but looking for freelance work in the games industry and other fields or new job opportunities.

Ralph Ferneyhough

Co-founder and organiser of GamesDev North Wales.

Ray Willmott

Editor and Owner of Expansive DLC.

Freelance games journalist for VG247, GamesTM, Daily Mail, Red Bull Gaming Column, Videogamer, Play Magazine and others.

Narrative Game Designer for Fingerpunch Games.

Active novelist.

Rich Hebblewhite

Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for Computer Game Development, Immersive Technology & Creative Computing undergraduate programmes. He is the User Experience Group research leader for the Centre for Creative and Applied Research for the Digital Society (CARDS).

Founder and director of RareBit Interactive, a digital media and games development studio based within Glyndwr University, Wrexham.

With more than 14 years experience as a free-lance developer and academic, he is an active member of the International Game Developer Association (IGDA), and member of Games Wales national Steering Group.

Richard Davies

Currently studying BSc Games Development at the University of South Wales, I’m really enthusiastic about making games and enjoying it a lot! 🙂

Richard Hurford

Senior Lecturer on the BA (Hons) Computer Games Design at the University of South Wales, Atrium Cardiff Campus.
Co-organiser of GamesWales South.

Richard Morgan

Part-Time lecturer on the BA Creative Computer Games Design course at University of Wales Trinity St David, Swansea (subjects include Game Design & Theory and Video Game History).

Previous industry experience ranging from 2D digital artist, UI design and animation roles with four published titles on mobile platforms produced by Fly In The Dark Studios (Combombo!, Super PaX) and Chaos Trend Ltd. (Mine Cart Rumble, Puddle Puzzles). Currently working in collaboration with XD Studios on Street Fist 2 (release TBC).

Former team member of GamesLab Wales, a collaborative Knowledge Transfer Project between the University of Glamorgan and Swansea Metropolitan University (2010 – 2012).

Robin Southern

I am a C/C++ middleware and games developer in Pembrokeshire.

Roger Parker

Freelance programmer. PHP,C#, Web Development, MYSQL, MS-SQL for
Spent last 30 years as a software developer.

Developing website and mobile apps in html5, javascript, cordova

1 year’s experience in Unity3D.

Current projects :
Plants vs Zombies clone in Unity3D – looking for 3d artist – gain experience in games development.
Battery based data logger using Arduino.

Russ Morris

Game developer, former Unity Product Evangelist. Lead Developer at Thud Media.

Ryan Davies

I am a Composer and Sound designer from Cardiff, Wales. I believe that “Sound Completes The Picture” and my versatile, energetic and emotional use of audio makes me an essential and valued member of any game development or TV/Film production team. From independent and small teams to big studios I can make a positive impact on any project. If you want me to work on your project or if you just want to chat and run some ideas past me then contact me today.

Ryan Tandy

Editor in chief and founder of EXP Games News
Freelance journalist
Writer working in genre fiction and graphic novels
Founder of Everlong Comics
Host of the EXP Games News podcast

Ryan Tyler

Corporate Developer at the University of South Wales, day job includes all sort of programming, db design, reporting using a large ranges of tools, OS’s, languages and frameworks.

At home love working on 2D java games, have dabbled in Unity but really enjoy using LibGDX. I have entered a few game jams including Flappy Bird Jam and Cyber Punk Jam, both are available to play online/download:

Currently have two other active projects available on IndieDB:

Sarah Crossman

CG artist, tutor, games designer, gamer, lover of cartoons, wannabe Disney Imagineer and I am the creator of Master Reboot.

Sarah Millman

Illustrator, 2D artist and comic creator. Currently working as a 2D artist at Wales Interactive and freelancing as an illustrator. I specialize in character design, vector artwork and visual storytelling. I also have a mild obsession with pugs and tea.

Scott MacDonald

I’m a freelance animator for Film, TV and Games. Been in the industry for 6 years fluttering and animating between London, Bristol, Newport and Cardiff with the ability to work remote anywhere in the world.

Sean Nash

Freelance Concept Artist/Illustator

I am a freelance artist based in the UK. I have worked on many different creative industry projects ranging from computer games, Illustrations, graphic design and 3D art. My art skills are versatile and I am able to adapt my art style to fit with the project and different styles required. As an artist I work hard to develop my creative skills and explore different ways of working. I am hard working, dedicated and I’m always ready to go the extra mile to providing good quality work.

Simeon Smith

Simeon Smith is a South Wales based producer exploring abstract, cinematic landscapes. He produces for local acts and is also the founding member of Kinetic Monkey.

His music inspired by retro games and composed exclusively on a Nintendo Game Boy can be found here:

Stafford Bawler

Experienced Freelance Game Audio Consultant

16+ Years Industry Experience with work in over 60+ published titles from major publishers to small indie titles.

I have created audio content for every major platform over the last 4 generations and have a vast amount of sound authoring experience for games. This covers every aspect of production including audio system design, recording, sound design, implementation, project management etc.

Available for hire on any size project, I am able to work from my own studio or come and work with you onsite.

Stevie Cole

3D / Concept artist and recent graduate of Games Art at the University of Hertfordshire. Games have been apart of me since I got my pre-owned SNES with a copy of Donkey Kong Country. Since then the innovation and joy of games has always been a part of my artistic journey.

My goal as a person and artist is to spread that same kind happiness and beauty with my work within the industry.

Thomas Jones

Bit of an amateur games developer/designer based in South Wales

Timothy Craven

A recent Graduate of Computer Science from Keele University, Timothy Craven is now looking forward to joining the gaming industry in Wales.

Tom Daniel


I am a free lance community manager / business developer who lives in the Bridgend area. I have worked on several independent titles for a few companies across the UK and I am always looking for new contacts. I have also written for many sites including IGN and more prolifically The Sixth Axis. I am a regular at the shows around Europe for both work and pleasure.

Tom Stephenson Developer

Passionate Indie game developer, currently creating games for Android and iOS.

-Autodesk Maya
-Visual Studio – C#

Check out my mobile games:
-Dot Tap!
-Mitch’s Escape!

Trygve Bjellvaag

Self-taught animator who worked on projects such as Dreamfall, Age of Conan, Anarchy Online and Secret World. Currently have been teaching for about 8 years withing 3d and games and am now a Senior lecturer on Games Enterprise, Game Art and Game Design courses at USW. I run a games company called Working Mill and my own Freelance company called SecondframeStudios. I also help out with venues, talks, guests and Game Jams via Game Wales. I like Beer, Potatoes and Fish.

William (Bill) Allard

I model & texture environment assets and props for games.
Need a generic crate or an explosive barrel? I’m your guy.

Yarrow Paddon-Butler

A solo indie gamedev, written a few little games for #1GAM, open to working with others. Mostly art and coding – I’m also a big advocate for open source and cross-platform gaming.

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