We aim:

  • to champion Wales as a place to make games.
  • to champion the games industry in general.
  • to grow the Welsh games industry.
  • to represent the industry’s interests, and act as an advocate on behalf of the Welsh industry.

If you agree that these are worthy aims, and are happy to support Games Wales in carrying them out, then you can help!

Supporting Us

Firstly, you can simply sign up to say that you support us in what we’re doing. It’s free – it just means that we have the backing of the Welsh industry.
Sign up to support us here.


Secondly, if you have spare time, you could volunteer to help out. We’re still putting a formal volunteer programme together, but could always do with help in:

  • Running local events
  • Finding venues for and organising events
  • Publicising the group’s activities
  • Going into universities and schools to talk about games development
  • Helping out at the Games Development Shows and other events

Interested? Fill in this form and tell us what skills you can bring to the party!


The Games Wales Group meets quarterly to discuss our overall strategy and any issues that affect our industry. If you want to get involved as a member of the steering group, please drop us a line – we’ll be electing a new steering group at our AGM every April.

Supporting Companies

Blind Sky Studios
Bone Trumpet
Cooply Solutions
Dakko Dakko Ltd
Dojo Arcade
FingerPunch Games
Glynd┼Ár University
Infamous Quests
Invision Community
Rantmedia Games
Rogue Vector
Skyfish Studios Ltd
Stafford Bawler
Thud Media
Tiny Rebel Games
University of South Wales
University of Trinity St Davids
Winged Monkeys
Zero Dependency