BA (Hons) Computer Game Design

University of South Wales

Computer Games Design at the University of South Wales is all about design and creative skills. Computer Games Design students study the key concepts of games design, from illustration, character design, 3D modelling to game mechanics and conceptual skills to pitching and project management, utilising a thorough design process throughout. We simulate industry practices that teach you how to be a designer within a team and realise your creative projects through prototyping, testing and development to finished playable games.

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Lecturers: Corrado Morgana, Adam Martin, Richard Hurford.

BA (Hons) Computer Games Enterprise

University of South Wales

This industry facing award will produce creative and free thinking graduates with the specialist skills to be successful in the disciplines associated with computer game production including game design, asset creation and management, 2D/3D modelling and computer games production, consumer testing and marketing.

You will acquire a detailed knowledge of the processes involved with creative game design, development and production, along with its technical and creative interdependencies, time constraints, effective time management and required development resources.

BA (Hons) Creative Computer Games Design

University of Wales Trinity Saint David

The Creative Computer Games Design course is for those students who can display skills in art and design alongside an avid interest and knowledge of computer games and the computer games industry. The modules all feed into a single game idea over the first two years of the course, allowing students to work within a production group to develop work using a simulated development cycle. The third year develops these ideas further with the students producing a game demo/proof of a concept, based on their own specifications, as part of their final major project. You are given all the necessary knowledge to develop new and innovative work in the fields of image creation, 3D Graphics, animation, environment modelling, texturing, character concept, design and modelling.

BA (Hons) in Game Art

University of South Wales

We have designed this extremely successful and commercially oriented course with computer games experts.This means you will get specialist training to become a professional 3D games artist, by gaining contemporary and evolving game art skills for what is a truly innovative industry.

The gaming industry is fast-paced and ever changing. As new technologies develop, gamers’ expectations and the demand for realistic, imaginative animation and graphics is getting higher and higher. Creative professionals with the right technical skills are needed to create the next generation of computer game art and animation.

BSc (Hons) Computer Game Development

University of South Wales

This BSc (Hons) Computer Games Development degree will prepare you for a career in software engineering, with a particular emphasis on programming for computer games development. So, rather than playing games all day, you will discover how to create them. You will learn essential programming skills, such as coding from a brief, team working and understanding computer hardware. You will get to improve on your favourite games, as well as design and build your own.

BSc (Hons) Computer Games Development

University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Students who wish to study the Computer Games Development programme are assumed to be interested in this specialised computing area. It is anticipated that a vast majority of students that will follow the course will have a great interest in computer games and gaming. Thus, they will already have been confronted with a range of different commercial gaming genres and standards. It is expected that the typical student would be familiar with, and engaged in, electronic games.

Game Art

Glyndwr University

This new idea-driven skill based course is about everything from concept art to 3D Modelling, 3D Sculpting character development and level creation. You’ll be part of a degree with innovation and creativity at its heart as you bring concept to reality through digital painting and 3D modelling; the perfect preparation for a career in an exciting, fast-paced industry worth billions each year. Your studies will see you gain experience in the design skills and techniques used to bring projects from concept to screen through digital painting, 3D modelling, 3D sculpting, and game engine.