Artificial Insanity Games

Artificial Insanity Games is a small independent computer game developer based in South Wales. It was founded by Christopher Leyshon and Gareth Jones in the late months of 2013. We are striving to strengthen the gaming industry in Wales.

Blind Sky Studios

Blind Sky is a little games studio based in the UK, or there abouts, fueled almost entirely by coffee.

We love video games, so we made them our life and made them our business. We endeavour to make games with a taste of humanity, whatever the genre, however big or small the project is.

Fundamentally we’re humans making things for other humans (but we do it on our computers).

Candlhat Studios

We are a game development company located in South Wales.

Based in Llantrisant we have an experienced development team and have maintained a strong commercial presence in a number of IT related sectors for over a decade.

Innovation, quality, and professionalism are core to out organisation.

We also maintain strong links and run locally based projects on a regular basis to ensure we give back to our community, providing opportunity to the young adult population in South Wales.

Capital Law

Commercial law firm based in Cardiff with a satellite office in London.

We have a dedicated IP and Media team with industry specialist knowledge in IT, software development and games development. We represent a range of clients in the sector across Wales and beyond.

The firm can assist businesses with acquisition of IP, licencing arrangements, employment contracts, investments, crowd funding arrangements, corporate structures, property matters and dispute resolution.

We are very open in respect of fees and will always be open to an initial conversation to discuss how we may be able to help you.

Celtic Productions Limited

Games Company based in Cardiff, South Wales making international titles for Wales and the World

Our current game is first person adventure game:

“The Secret of Kitty City” features the rebel kitten school girl Fluffy Chapman. Help Fluffy outwit CJ the vicious head and
dodge the Ninja Hermit Nuns who live in the grounds and escape.

“Kitty City” is a remote boarding school in the Mabinogi Mountains. Help Fluffy to makes friends with Hot Kitty, The Artist,
Tru Belieber and the Tomboy Twins and avoid finding out “the Secret” because those who know the secret, never survive.

ID@Xbox and publishes to Twitter (yet to be launched)

Chaos Trend

We are a small but perfectly formed indie games company. We’ve been running for over 5 years and have successfully released many games in that time. There are five of us working out of an office in Swansea, Wales, one being a former Creative Assembly programmer who worked on the award winning Total War series. We’ve written our own game engine and tools from the ground up.

Cohort Studios

Cohort Studios are a small independent digital entertainment studio, currently based out of Treforest, South Wales.

As a studio Cohort historically have experience in developing for PlayStation 3, PSP, PlayStation Network, PlayStation 2 and PC platforms, but have now rebooted and are focusing on high quality mobile/tablet experiences.


Just released two educational games, Inflatable Maths and Buzz Words.

Cube Interactive

TVs and Tablets, together in sync, make up today’s ultimate entertainment platform.

Cube is an interactive entertainment company that mixes together the best parts of gaming, the power of broadcast television, with new devices that can now swipe, pinch and zoom.

From that melting pot, we’re building original groundbreaking interactive TV hits with gaming at their core. Our games engines also power and monetize leading TV brands across Tablets and Smart TVs.

Cyberlamb Studios

Cyberlamb Studios is a freelance indie developer based in North Wales making independent and commissioned games for desktop and mobile.

D# Games

One man operation at the moment, working with a freelance artist on the latest project. So far developing games for Android, PC and online.

Dakko Dakko

Dakko Dakko exists to bring inventive, lively and rewarding video games to the world! Based near Cardiff and with a team spanning Japan and across the UK, Dakko Dakko has been bringing unique gameplay and a cast of unusual characters, from ‘Rotating Octopus’ to ‘Scram Kitty’, to Sony and Nintendo consoles since 2010.

Deceptive Games

Deceptive Games is an independent development team working on creating high-end, quality games on a small budget.

Our objective is to create deeply immersive video gaming experiences, and are continuously working on new ideas that push the boundaries of independent development.

We are a newly formed company, but our team has many years of experience making video games.

Dojo Arcade

Dojo Arcade is a new and exciting independent games development company and the winners of the Young Entreprenur Award 2011.

Our team can produce fun and entertaining 2D and 3D games in any genre. We create our own games as well as work with companies and individuals to develop games with them.

We have a core team of three and use a team of talented freelancers on larger projects.


DragonfiAR is a fresh and vibrant indie games company creating games for mobile, desktop and VR/AR.

We release our own games in 2D and 3D, across many genres and love the challenge of applying our knowledge and creativity to client projects.

We have a small team with a diverse skillset and use carefully selected talented freelancers on larger projects.

Fideo 8

Fideo 8 is a media company based in Wales, UK that produces new media content that often celebrates minority cultures using the creative industries as a launch pad to reach interested and potential audiences.
We work in print, digital, online creation as well as in traditional media and infuse factual and informative content with unique and compelling humour.

FingerPunch Games

Fresh, new games company dedicated to creating finger-punchingly great, interactive games and business apps.

Flux Entertainment

Flux Entertainment is a video games company in Swansea, Wales. With a team of around a dozen developers and creative staff, Flux Entertainment aims to create AAA video games for release on PC and console.

Founded in 2013 by Chris Flynn & Connor Williams, Flux’s Creative Director and Game Director, respectively; it has gone on to work on its first title release, a post-apocalyptic, horror title ‘The Requiem’, for PC and consoles. The ambitious project aims to be the first game to model Wales and the South of England in a video game.

Gaz Thomas Games

Developer of web games, mobile games and websites.  Proud to have made over 40 games with more than 500 million plays total!  Author of the 2 most played puzzle games on Kongregate.  We have also created some popular gaming sites including “The Game Homepage” and

Currently working on new and existing IP for web and mobile.  Always happy to consider partnerships or just have a chat.  Feel free to get in touch!

Gemau Stoptap Games

We are a North Wales based independent games studio working on making games in both English and in Welsh. We also make fun Welsh language learning apps. Check out our games and projects!

Rydym yn stiwdio gemau annibynnol Gogledd Cymru sy’n gweithio ar wneud gemau yn Saesneg ac yn Gymraeg. Rydym hefyd yn gwneud apps i ddysgu’r iaith Gymraeg sydd yn llawn hwyl. Edrychwch ar ein gemau a phrosiectau!

Goldborough Studio

Goldborough Studio is an indie dev studio that creates games and character led content using pencils, pixels, knowledge and a little magic.

The studio is currently working on our first internally developed console game.

Our main creative studio is in Lawrenny, Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

Greenaway Scott

Greenaway Scott is a business law firm that specialises in the following areas; corporate finance & mergers and Acquisitions, Commercial advice and contracts, intellectual property, life science and healthcare, technology and start-up and spin-out business.

We aim to become an integral part of the business of our clients, providing legal advice and solutions and commercial and strategic input when necessary to enable our clients to achieve their goals.


From initial design through to finished product, Hyperspace can create high quality 3D or 2D applications to run on a wide range of platforms including Apple iOS, Android, Mac, PC and browser. We can incorporate 3D and VFX into real-time games and other apps using the same tools and techniques we use for film and TV projects.


Founded in 1982 by Jeff Minter, Llamasoft quickly established a reputation for producing games rich in originality, adrenaline-pumping action, quirky humour and digital ungulates.Over the years Llamasoft has released over 30 games on nearly 20 platforms, garnering plenty of awards along the way as well as a loyal community of fans – The Llamasofties.

After nearly a quarter of a century developing distinctive and addictive entertainment software, Llamasoft isn’t slowing down – in fact the best is yet to come. If you’re a fan of retina searing visuals, precision-balanced gameplay and the occasional ovine utterance then stand by your beast – there’s more on the way…

Ludos XD

We are an independent gaming studio established in 2015 located in North Wales. Our passion is simply writing games for the mobile platform.

We’ve been busy writing our first major game for the IOS and Android platforms.

After our trial with Bouncy Penguins, we wanted to write a fun, 3D game with a great story behind it.

Marshmallow Entertainment

We are a small team of like-minded ideas people — made up of designers, illustrators and developers huddled together in the sometimes sunny, mostly rainy city of Cardiff, Wales, UK.

Marshmallow was born from a desire to build beautifully designed, handcrafted games and apps for children and adults alike. It is our outlet for creative ideas tailored towards digital entertainment.


Microcosm Games Limited is the leading Welsh developer of social network games and applications. Based in the beautiful surroundings of Cardiff Bay, Microcosm Games fosters a vibrant, creative environment.

We have strong links with local IT and media businesses, and the support of both Cardiff Council and the Welsh Assembly Government. Close ties with South Wales academia has led to a series of collaborations and permanent placements.


Picmo is an animation and games production company that develops ideas from script through to finished piece. We help brands connect with consumers and solve business and marketing problems by telling compelling stories and building engaging worlds.

Pill Bug Interactive

Pill Bug Interactive is a one person development studio based in South Wales. The companies vision is to create games which appear simple on the surface, yet hide a fascinating complexity within. The studio was formed by Sean Walton in March 2017 following the successful Greenlight campaign of Intelligent Design: An Evolutionary Sandbox. This was Sean’s 4th game and the first which was not web based.

Pixel Knights

We are a small, but very passionate team commited to producing games for Welsh language players. Working from a remote part of North West Wales, we make sure that working is fun and that is reflected in our products.

Not only do we write games but also bespoke software solutions for companies all over the world, our developers have been wiring code since the ripe old age of 10 on the Commodore 64 (and were practically weak at the knees at the mention of lamasoft on this page :p).

Potassium Frog

Potassium Frog – We aim to squeal

Indie Developer Colin Jones has a future in interactive entertainment that goes back to the eighties. He “worked on some of the most inventive and original British games of the period” (Retro Gamer Magazine, 2010).

His music management game Rock Star Ate My Hamster had the dubious honour of being banned from the multiples. A mere twenty years later, the game was featured in the ‘50 Best Rock & Roll Video Games of All Time’ in America’s legendary Rolling Stone magazine.

Slighty Magic was voted one of the Top 100 Games of All Time by Your Sinclair readers.

Now producing startling apps and entertainments in all sizes and flavours. Cariad mawr.

Pug Fugly Games

Android and iOS game developer.

Quantum Soup Studios

We are an independent developer founded by ex-AAA devs Ralph Ferneyhough and Chris Payne. We specialise in original narrative-driven games for PC and consoles.

Railslave Games

Creators of //N.P.P.D. Rush//:The Milk of Ultra Violet and Uriel’s Chasm.

Rantmedia Games

Retro-inspired, mobile focused, indie studio.

Rantmedia Games is an indie games studio creating experiences that delight the player – through a combination of innovation, creativity and an obsessive attention to detail.

In addition to making successful games for others, Rantmedia Games also develops and publishes its own original titles, for example, the award-winning Vectrex Regeneration – an immersive compilation of classic retro titles from the early 1980s.

We have developed our own in-house cross-platform 3D game engine technology, ‘Polyglot’, and use this along with our tool stack to create amazing games.

RAREbit Studio

A small development team based in South Wales, just north of Cardiff for now. We develop mobile games primarily, with a planned release on the OUYA and ambitions to break into the PC world eventually. For now we are a small team (2 guys, Matt Duncan and Dan Parsons) but aim to expand as soon as we can and feel comfortable doing so.

Rogue Vector

Welcome to Rogue Vector, we’re a small independent games development company who emerged from like minded individuals while discussing and planning games. We have developed games based off our interests and the interests of our community. We’ve always been determined to make the games that we’ve always wanted to play!

Runwild Entertainment

We are a new games developer start up in the process of formation. The Team have previously worked together at various games studios and have come together to make exciting game experiences for the whole world to enjoy.

Ryan Davies Music & Sound Design

I believe that “Sound Completes The Picture”. From bespoke music and sound effect creation to project management, development, integration and my versatile, energetic and emotional use of audio makes me an essential and valued member of any game development or TV/Film production team. From independent and small teams to big studios I can make a positive impact on any project. I offer affordable and flexible pricing for any project, so, If you want me to work on your project or if you just want to chat and run some ideas past me then contact me today.

Sega Amusements International

Sega Amusements designs, develops and manufactures coin operated arcade games in Wales for distribution worldwide outside of Japan.

Skyfish Studios Ltd

We are a small indie game company in Cardiff, busy doing what we love!

Squarehead Studios

Squarehead Studios is an independent game company, founded in 2014 by former Nintendo developer, Rhys Lewis.

Based on the edge of the Brecon Beacons, Squareheads mission is simple; make fun games!

Sugar Creative

We’re a digital media and creative branding agency partnering with our clients and their businesses to help them grow.

We’re a team of professional designers, illustrators and developers based in Cardiff. Since our formation in 2009 we’ve grown from just two people to a larger team that now offers a much more diverse range of services, always with a focus on good, solid design.

At the core of everything we do is ‘design’, design gives you control and we help businesses send out a clear message, one that is constant with their brand. We work with established brands and start ups that are looking to rebrand, develop what they have.


We’re Talespinners.

We help you find the story in your game and deliver it to your players.

We can plot out your narrative, work with you on the design of your characters and world, write dialogue and text, direct artists and actors, and ultimately get the story you want to tell into a player’s head.

We’ve worked on AAA and indie games, and on books, films, interactive TV and live events. Give us a shout if you have ideas you want to discuss or problems you want us to solve.

The Arcade Vaults

The Arcade Vaults is a videogame and entertainment company that runs pop-up Retro Video Gaming events in and around the Cardiff and South Wales area. Keep an eye on our Facebook page, Twitter feed and website to find out details about where we’ll be next!

If you want to book us for your own venue, get in touch using the links provided!

Thud Media

Thud Media is a Cardiff based Interactive Design and Development Studio, makers of iOS and Android Games, Web and Interactive content – Animation led and Design rich.

In addition, as part of a group that includes Bait Studio and Cloth Cat Animation, we have a skilled and artistically-focused Animation and VFX team able to develop a complete visual media package for series, film and promotional projects.

Tuppence Magazine

Tuppence Magazine is a Cardiff-based computer games and entertainment news & reviews site. We originate our own gaming content, as well as supporting the wider computer games industry in Wales by providing new content for partners.

In addition to being a games commentator and critic, we also offer a private in-development game review service. The aim is to help developers identify areas for improvement to all aspects of gaming, from gameplay experience and graphics to story and dialogue. Get in touch through the links provided for more details.


We are up and coming mobile phone game developers. We have 3 demos ready to be released to the public. We have a Minecraft server under our belts. We are 16 but eager to learn from more experienced developers.

Vivid Virtual Reality

Recreating Historic sites in 3D Virtual Reality back to its former glory. Other sectors include architectural visualisation, conservation and archaeology. We use games engines to bring historic sites back to life, which you can explore at your own pace.

Vizworx Limited

We create visualisations using advanced 3D software technology to help our clients communicate their projects. Our cost effective solutions have a wide range of uses including public awareness campaigns, community engagement, marketing, emergency planning, to secure funding, both public and stakeholder consultation, tourism and education.

Our specialism is creating real-time interactive environments utilising technology developed for the games industry.

Wales Interactive

Wales Interactive is a BAFTA Cymru award winning Indie video games developer and publisher. Our core team has over 20 years games development & publishing experience and have worked on a vast array of published products that have sold millions worldwide. We are official Playstation, Nintendo and Xbox console developer’s and support all the lastest next generation platforms. In addition we also develop for PC, Mac, Linux, Browser, iOS & Android platforms and we know what it takes to create quality interactive products to tight deadlines and get them to the direct download market place. We are passionate about video games and our aim is to create original games that entertain the world as well as put Wales on the video games map.

West Coast Software

Based in Aberystwyth, Wales, West Coast Software was setup in 2013 by Ken Bird, John Jones-Steele and Steve Rose to develop new, innovative games as well as conversions of existing titles to all major systems from Xbox One, PS4 to 3DS, iOS and Android. The company also specializes in fitness software and visualization. Clients include: System 3, Matrix Sports, iEntertainment Network, Trixter, Pulse Fitness, Cardiff University and most recently Plant I.

Wild Melon Games

We are an Independent Games Studio who currently create fun and original games for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. Keep it wild!

Winged Monkeys

Computer games development contractor specialising in console, PC and handheld games coding, design and narrative. Worked on a number of high profile titles – e.g. the LEGO series of games, SOMA, LittleBigPlanet, Frozen Synapse, The Bunker etc.

XD Studios

XD Studios is an independent games development studio based in Swansea, Wales. Our goal is to create fun games and efficient tools to help out other developers.

Zero Dependency

Independent video games technology and services company based in Chester. Working on a number of WebGL games and Lucidity Game Engine.