businesscard_template_ukGames Wales is a non-profit industry group made up of Welsh games developers, educational institutions, media partners and industry bodies with a shared interest in promoting the games industry in Wales.

We run the annual Wales Games Development Show, and organise social and educational events through Games Wales South and Games Wales North.

If you want to get involved or to ask us anything, drop an email to or chat to us via Twitter @gameswales. We’re happy to support anything that’ll further the cause of making games in Wales.

Activities & Roles

Activities in GamesWales are undertaken by a group of volunteers. If you want to get involved and help out, here’s what we currently do, and who’s involved in doing it. If you’ve suggestions or want to help out, please do get in touch!

Chair (Voluntary)

The chair is elected at the AGM in March every year.

  • Chairing group meetings.
  • Representing the group in discussions with other organisations e.g. Welsh Government etc. and with partner organisations.
  • Representing the group at industry forums and events.
  • Overseeing group’s overall activities (games show, meetings etc.) and paid staff.
  • Overseeing implementation of group-set agenda.

Currently: This position is held on an interim basis by Huw Marshall of S4C, until the AGM in April 2016.

Getting Information Out (Voluntary)

The groups acts as a gathering point for information relevant to the Welsh industry, either because that information is sent in via existing networks of contacts e.g. organisations such as BAFTA, Welsh Government, UKIE, universities etc., or by explicitly going out there and looking for Welsh-relevant information. We then make sure that information gets out to as many Welsh developers as possible. We do this via our emailing lists, via social media, via this website, and at social meetings and lectures.

Currently: This is managed by Madelon Hoedt and Chris Munasinha.

Publicity & Outreach (Voluntary)

  • Publicising the group’s activities and the activities of the Welsh games industry as a whole (via mailing list, social media, website).
  • Press releases, arranging press coverage and so forth.
  • Ensuring Welsh games companies are made aware of the group and its activities, ensuring the wider community are aware of the games scene in Wales and how to engage with it.

Currently: Richard Hurford of USW has volunteered to coordinate this, along with Chris Munasinha.

Group Website (Voluntary)

(This site!)

  • Maintaining the group’s website.
  • Progressing the website so it can become a useful tool for the Welsh games industry and people who want to engage with the industry.

Currently: Chris Payne of Games Wales North and Chris Munasinha have volunteered to take on this role.

Funding & Sponsorship (Voluntary)

Seeking sponsorship, partnerships & other funding.

Currently: Phil Terrett of Oysterworld has volunteered to take on this role.

Events (Voluntary)

Organising events and event programmes (speakers, venues etc.) This covers (currently) Sessions (lectures), Meetups, and Game Jams.

Currently: Richard Hurford of USW have been organising Game Jams for Cardiff. Richard has been involved in organising both Sessions and Meetups in Cardiff and is happy to continue to do so, but will require help with finding potential speakers. Chris Payne and Ralph Ferneyhough are organising events for North Wales. All would be happy to have more help.

Admin (Paid, Part Time)

This is a paid role on a part time basis – 16 hours per month, as and when the admin can fit it in and needs to be involved.

  • Arranging group & show meetings.
  • Meeting minutes.
  • Supporting event organisers.
  • Support & organisation for games show.
  • Anything else they can fill their time with to help out.

Currently: Madelon Hoedt will be the admin for the group from March 2016.

Finance (Voluntary)

  • Dealing with yearly accounts.
  • Paying bills.

Currently: This role is currently filled on a voluntary basis by Hywel Wiliam of AIM Partners.

Corporate (Voluntary)

Dealing with legal/corporate issues for the group including company returns.

Currently: This role is currently filled on a voluntary basis by Stacey Jeffreys of Blake Morgan.

Games Show Activities

Games Show Coordinator (Paid)

Leading the show organisation.

This paid role is a short-term part-time contract in the months leading up to the show; this year it’ll be filled by Lisa Davies.

Games Show Website (Voluntary)

Maintenance & hosting for the Games Show website.

Currently: This is donated by The Arcade Vaults – content is provided by the Show Coordinator and the Admin.