Games Wales is saddened by the news that Oysterworld games has gone into administration, we particularly feel for 60+ members of staff who have lost their jobs, hard working and talented individuals who have been facing an uncertain future for some time.

Games Wales is dedicated to working with the industry in Wales to support its development and growth and to this end we will be seeking urgent talks with Welsh Government to discuss a long term and sustainable plan in order to achieve this.

Oysterworld were a company attracted to relocate in to Wales by financial incentives for job creation which were available at the time.

Our focus will be on how best we support and grow an indigenous games industry in Wales, allowing Welsh companies to develop their own IP and to compete in the international market.

The indigenous games industry in Wales has huge potential and we Look forward to working constructively with Welsh Government in order to unlock and deliver this potential.

Huw Marshall
Chair Games Wales

Games Wales is an independent trade body which represents the games industry in Wales.