Hi all,

Since my original post about needing more voluntary help, there’ve been a rush of people stepping forward. Notably, we now have a new group administrator, Madelon Hoedt, who’s stepping into Sarah Millman’s position at the beginning of March. We wish Sarah all the best; she’s been a huge help over the last two years, particularly during the 2015 Games Show. We also welcome Lisa Davies, who’ll be coordinating this year’s show.

Here’s a list of who’s in which roles right now:

  • Chair – Ian Thomas (stepping down at the end of March 2016)
  • Admin – Madelon Hoedt
  • Information Exchange – Chris Munasinha, Madelon Hoedt
  • Publicity & Outreach – Richard Hurford, Chris Munasinha
  • Group Website – Chris Payne, Chris Munasinha
  • Funding & Sponsorship – Phil Terrett
  • Events – Richard Hurford, Trygve Bjellvåg, Chris Payne, Ralph Ferneyhough, Richard Morgan
  • Finance – Hywel Wiliam
  • Corporate – Stacey Jeffreys
  • Games Show Coordinator – Lisa Davies
  • Games Show Website – Oysterworld
  • Games Show Social Media – Lisa Davies, Madelon Hoedt, Oysterworld

Thanks to all who’ve stepped forward, and to those who’ve been continuously supportive over the past few years.