Into Film is looking at the potential of applying for funding to run Roald Dahl themed workshops as part of its annual Into Film Festival.

Into Film is an education charity that puts film at the heart of children and young people’s learning and cultural experience. Our ambitious UK-wide programme provides 5-19 year-olds with unparalleled opportunities to see, think, make and imagine – contributing to their educational, cultural, creative and personal development.

Into Film believes that film is the richest of educational resources because of its synthesis of art forms to tell compelling stories and because of the enormous historic, literary, geographic, linguistic, cultural and social value those stories embody. This enables film to bring to life education for children of all ages and levels of ability in a unique way. Film truly speaks across age, class, gender and background. It is the medium that has more than any other over the last century represented our past, present and our visions for the future.

As part of its remit, Into Film runs an annual free Film Festival, the largest youth-focused festival in the world, and in 2016, into Film would like to develop a bespoke programme of activities linked to the centenary celebrations of Roald Dahl.

Into Film are therefore looking for ideas on how we could partner up with creative thinkers and inspirational speakers like yourselves to engage and enthuse the young people of Wales and take them on an exciting Dahl themed journey with us. Into Film looking at hosting several events in SEWales that will see young people aged 7-11 or slightly older (up to 14) watch one of Dahl’s films and then take part in an interactive and inspirational post-screening workshops.  We have experience in running such activities and have involved animators to academics, as you can see here 🙁

So, what do I need from you? At this stage Into Film are looking for expressions of interest and suggestions of the types of activities you think you’d be able to supply and run as part of a programme of Dahl activities. They need to be Dahl focused, fun or unique! Here are some of my very basic ideas…

BFG inspired sessions : A. Dreams :  looking at the psychology of dreams and what dreams mean, creative writing sessions about around the themes of dreams. B : sociology : looking at relationships, not judging people by their appearances and how we can help each other. This could lead to pupils making pledges on how they will go on to help others in their community and challenge stereotypes, We could also run a foley workshop for the sound effects within the film/ characters in the book.

Roald Dahl themed workshops (inspired by any of the films) or Matilda : creative writing sessions, workshops on the life and work of Roald Dahl, review writing workshops, coding and gaming  and composing workshops.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:  science experiments on making your own food, costume and set design sessions on the colourful characters,

James and the Giant Peach – Engineering sessions: looking at making a Giant Peach or looking at what else you could use to travel around the world in. Would a cherry have worked as originally planned by Dahl? You could have a session on bugs and creatures – focusing the characters within the film/book.

If you’d like to get involved and discuss the potential of being part of the funding application with me then please do get in touch. We’re looking to apply for funding to help cover the costs of delivering such events and the logistics and co-ordination of it all.

If you are interested please email