Our next get-together will be on October 30th.

Unusual Boardgames Evening!

We’re having an Unusual Boardgames Evening! The idea’s simple:

Bring along an unusual boardgame with a unique or interesting game design feature, and be prepared to explain to other people why it’s interesting.

As for format, turn up with your games, grab a table, and show off the games to others. Play them if you want to, or teach others to play, but be prepared to stop playing and explain to other people. And then, if you’ve got time, wander around and see what everyone else has brought. If you don’t have an appropriate game, fine, just come along and see what others have brought.

Note the ‘unusual’ – this isn’t just an excuse to play games everyone knows, like Risk, or Carcassonne, or what-have-you. Spread the love of the lesser-known game!

Where and When?

Wednesday 30th October 2013
at 7.30pm
upstairs in
O’Neill’s, Trinity Street, Cardiff, CF10 1BH