One of the big features at this years’ Wales Games Development Show will be the presentation of the first BAFTA Cymru Games Awards at the end of the show.

It’s fantastic that BAFTA Cymru are doing their best to support our local games industry, so in return, there’s a simple step everyone needs to take — submit your game for the awards!

Entry criteria are pretty simple:

  • Your game must have been released – i.e. was first made generally available to the public – between 31st March 2012 and 1st April 2013
  • Two of these is true: your company HQ is in Wales, 70% of the budget was spent in Wales, or 50% of the people working on the game live or work in Wales.

Other than that, it can be anything. Webgame, mobile game, PC game, GameJam entry, student project, console game, interactive TV game, educational game, run-around-in-the-street-using-tech game, anything at all.

The top award, Best Game, is a fully-fledged BAFTA award, weighty enough to impart serious damage to the skull of any journalist or potential investor. To win it, or one of the commendations in the other categories, could be a serious leg-up for the fortunes of your company.

The awards entry guidelines are here — entries opened on the 1st of April.

More details are on the BAFTA site here.