Games Wales

We’re a voluntary organisation made up of people from within the games industry in Wales. Our mission is to champion and promote games-making in Wales, to support the industry here, and to make sure everyone keeps talking to each other.

We have two sub-groups – Games Wales North, and Games Wales South. Visit their pages to find out about upcoming events!

We aim:
  • to champion Wales as a place to make games.
  • to champion the games industry in general.
  • to grow the Welsh games industry.
  • to represent the industry’s interests, and act as an advocate on behalf of the Welsh industry.

If you agree that these are worthy aims, and are happy to support Games Wales in carrying them out, then you can help!

    Recent News

  • New Faces 05/02/2016 - Hi all, Since my original post about needing more voluntary help, there’ve been a rush of people stepping forward. Notably, we now have a new group administrator, Madelon Hoedt, who’s stepping into Sarah Millman’s position at the beginning of March. We wish Sarah all the best; she’s been a huge help over the last two... Read more »
  • All Change 26/01/2016 - Hi there, Ian here, currently Chair of Games Wales. A little history… Five years ago I helped to kick off a gathering of games developers in a pub in Cardiff. There were eight of us then – now there are regularly 40 or more every month in Cardiff, meetups in Swansea and Wrexham, packed out lectures,... Read more »
  • Sessions #8: January 27th, 2016 09/01/2016 - The Sessions We’re continuing our GamesDev Sessions, a series of lectures in South Wales for anyone interested in the video games industry. The Sessions are a set of free talks by games development professionals aimed at giving insight into all sorts of aspects of game creation, from game design to financing, from coding to visual effects,... Read more »
  • Swansea Meetup – January 2016 08/01/2016 - The next Games Wales Swansea Social will be taking place on Thursday January 14th. Thursday 14th January 2016, 7.00pm-ish to 10.00pm-ish in Crowley’s Bar, 7 Craddock Street, Swansea SA1 3EW. Parking for those who may be travelling from further afield is available in the nearby Kingsway NCP (this closes at 21:00 in the evenings FYI). Alternative parking... Read more »
  • Global Game Jam 2016 – Cardiff Site 06/01/2016 - Here’s the Eventbrite link for our Global Game Jam in Cardiff at the end of January. Sign up now! Make sure you register on the GGJ site as well!
  • Cardiff Update – Jan 2016 04/01/2016 - Hi all and happy new year! Just a quick note to say that we have two events coming up in Cardiff: – On the 27th January, a pair of talks in 10 Feet Tall. One of those will be from a Technical Producer on Kerbal Space Programme, the other is yet to be confirmed. –... Read more »
  • South Wales Christmas Quiz 2015! 25/11/2015 - Yes, it’s the return of our notorious Christmas Quiz, and there will be prizes! Come along, put a team together, and answer questions on everything under the sun about games, gamedev and all points in between. We’re at Ten Feet Tall for this one. Tuesday 15th December 2015 at 7.30pm upstairs in Ten Feet Tall,... Read more »
  • Swansea Meetup — December 2015 25/11/2015 - The next Games Wales Swansea Social will be taking place next Thursday on the 3rd Dec. Turnout for November was good so hopefully this will be the case once again. Thursday 3rd December 2015, 7.00pm-ish to 10.00pm-ish in Crowley’s Bar, 7 Craddock Street, Swansea SA1 3EW. Parking for those who may be travelling from further... Read more »
  • Swansea Meetup — November 2015 10/11/2015 - We’re having our first ever Swansea meetup, organised by Richard Morgan. Thursday 12th November 2015 at 7.00pm in Crowley’s Bar, 7 Craddock Street, Swansea SA1 3EW. Come along and talk gamedev, and let’s kick off something great in Swansea. All welcome; industry, students, hobbyists, gamers, or anyone interested in getting into making games.
  • Cardiff Meetup — November 2015 07/11/2015 - Our next get-together will be: Wednesday 25th November 2015 at 7.30pm upstairs in the Urban Tap House, 25 Westgate Street, Cardiff CF10 1DD. If you’ve anything you’d like to show off or talk about – work-in-progress games, or games-related topics, or anything at all, really – let us know! View Larger Map