Who’s who in the games industry in Wales?

This site has been put together so that people in the industry in Wales can find each other, so that companies can find potential employees, so that freelancers can find potential employers, so that clients can find studios, and so that the world can see what the Welsh games industry is up to.

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  • Wales Arts Review – The Welsh Games Industry 10/04/2015 - The newly relaunched Wales Arts Review has an article today on the current state of the Welsh Games Industry.
  • Wales Games Dev Show 2015 – Bookings Open 02/04/2015 - The new website for the Wales Games Dev Show 2015 is now live – thanks to Oysterworld for all their sterling work on it! Bookings are open for attendees and exhibitors. To get your tickets for this year’s show, please book though Eventbrite here: The application form for exhibitors is now live too – we... Read more »
  • Games Show Funding – 2015 and 2016 30/03/2015 - The Welsh Government and Creative Media have supported the Wales Games Development Show for the last two years, and now they’ve confirmed that they’re offering us support for 2015 and 2016, which is fantastic – without their help it wouldn’t run. More details here!
  • Wales Games Dev Show 2015 13/03/2015 - Heads up: The Wales Games Development Show will be held on 19th June 2015 at the magnificent City Hall in Cardiff. Tickets – and the updated website – will be available on the 2nd of April, and exhibitor booking will be open in mid-March. For further information, follow @walesgds on Twitter or follow the Facebook... Read more »
  • A merger! 20/02/2015 - GamesDev South Wales and GamesDev North Wales have now become part of Games Wales. This had been on the cards for a while, as having three separate organisations all trying to do the same thing mostly involving the same people was silly – so we’ve joined forces. We now have Games Wales South and Games... Read more »
  • Cardiff named ‘upcoming games hub’ by NESTA 01/10/2014 - In NESTA‘s latest map of the games industry, Cardiff has been mentioned as an upcoming games industry hub, one of 12 only games hubs in the UK. This data’s been gathered through counts of companies via evaluation of online activity rather than from government data. Here’s NESTA’s blog on the report. The full report can... Read more »
  • Welcome Sarah Millman 19/09/2014 - Games Wales has just hired its first member of staff, Sarah Millman, who will be helping us out with admin, organisation and PR throughout the year. Alongside her admin work, Sarah’s a freelance illustrator, animator and 2D artist who’s worked on games and comics. We look forward to working with her – it’s going to... Read more »